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Regular servicing of your caravan or motorhome is key to protecting your investment
A small outlay each year for servicing will prolong the life of your caravan or motorhome. What’s more, when it comes time to sell, a full service history is invaluable in achieving the best possible price, whether part-exchanging, selling privately, or to a caravan dealer. Look after your caravan in the short term, and in the long term, it’ll look after you!

Annual Servicing 

Winter Preparation

An annual service is recommended for all caravans, regardless of their age.

Such a service will cover expert checks and any repair work which could not, or should not, be carried out at home, or by an inexperienced or untrained service person.

Such checks will ensure the safe working order and over safety of your gas supply, electrical supply, as well as things like chassis and brakes. A service agent is also able to check for damp, and/or any sign of delamination.
If you’re interested in servicing, whether annual or a one-off, why not contact us for a price?
Proper winter preparation is key for any caravan, whether completed by a professional or the caravan owner themselves.

Your main priority in winter is to prevent the water supply from freezing when temperatures fall into minus figures. As water freezes, it expands, and this process can cause serious damage to your caravan’s pipework. As such, during winter months, if your caravan is stored outside or in unheated storage, it is imperative to correctly drain it down. When stored for extended periods, such as over winter, it is important to ensure that the handbrake is left off, too. This will prevent the drums from rusting, and ultimately seizing… which nobody wants!

You should also ensure that the leisure battery is isolated, possibly even removing it entirely. Remember that even out of use, a battery will discharge over time (sometimes entirely, in as little as 6 weeks). Keep this in mind when planning your next caravan excursion! P.S. Don’t forget to empty and clean the fridge before putting your caravan into winter storage!

Routine Maintenance

Routine owner checks and maintenance are key to keeping your caravan in tip-top condition. In addition to regular annual servicing, a little care and attention will pay for itself in the long term. Routine checks should be carried out before each journey with your caravan… but in reality, you can never make these checks too often!
Routine maintenance checks should include: checking light and electrical connections between car and caravan, checking tyre pressures (including your spare), and checking wheel nut tightness. Also check the charge state of your battery, as well as your breakaway cable and clip.

It’s also advisable to check the visual condition of flexible gas hoses and connections. Make sure that your water supply hoses are in order. You also want to ensure that correct ventilation is occurring, and that no vents are blocked or otherwise obstructed.

These basic checks, along with regular overall visual checks, will help to keep your caravan in top condition between any regular scheduled services.