Appointment Only: Kings Mill, Queen St. Burnley, BB10 2HX

Phone: 01282 450 454

Honda Civic SE 1.6 5 Door

What to say about this car! It’s a px from a px so it’s not really top calibre tackle. It’s a cheap car with a Honda badge. It’s had more hits than the Beatles but to be fair that doesn’t detract from its natural beauty. Finished in a simply stunning shade of silver/green/grey metallic paint that really accentuates it’s sleek lines, I think the colour may even make it faster! Don’t quote me on that when you get pulled over by the fuzz because you were doing 35 in a 30! It’s the colour what made me do it guv, don’t send me daaaan, I hear you cry.
It’s missing it’s stereo but that leaves you with a whole host of options, fit a pimp daddy unit or keep it simple with a single tune radio 4 DAB setup. The choice is yours! It’s got speakers tho so don’t think your going to have to go mental here.

As far as service history goes, I didn’t ask! It has a book with stamps in and it drives pretty well so I’m guessing it’s had more than one in its lifetime.

Tyres are all good and tick the round and black box.

So in short, it’s cheap, drives ok and will probably last longer than I’m giving it credit (what car gave it 4 stars so it must be ok)

Call 01282 450454 to reserve this stunner, but don’t ring me if you want it with a lifetime warranty with AA cover